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Winds of Change

It is the Civic Holiday Monday morning and I sit at my desk in my home office. For the first time in over 10 days, a cool breeze is coming through the window and the a/c is off. Storm cells moved through our area last night, bringing downpours, high winds and a tornado watch. Today it is cool, windy and wet.

I am sitting in the winds of change.

The sudden shift to neutral and the extended idling the pandemic brought to our lives has instilled a sense of stagnation, severely curtailed personal agency, and inability to make long-term plans professionally. That’s what happens in states of emergency and global response. What soothed and sidelined much of the friction we felt coming in for an emergency landing as a society was our changes of season here in Canada, for which we are famous. They didn’t let us down, offering new life and growth, and a subtle sense of movement in our otherwise stalled lives. And they are doing so again, with the first hints of fall in the air.

There are other winds that come, that we ourselves generate and the universe responds to. I have been feeling these too, quietly, under my life and awareness. Winds of positive change. Small victories, new opportunities, more quiet joys. All these were part of the old tapestry but only noticed and not, perhaps, fully experienced as they are now on the new and spare landscape.

Yesterday, my daughter and her crewmates on the HMCS Winnipeg sailed out on their five-month deployment, enroute to RIMPAC in the Pacific Ocean. It will be a deployment like no other in peacetime, with pandemic restrictions, possible rerouting with global breakouts changing, and no shore leave whatsoever. They sail, experienced and trained, into a new horizon and an invisible adversary new to the game. My heart sails with them, into their winds of change.

And here I sit still, listening to my neighbourhood wake up for another day, the sun returning and the wind coming through my window. It all seems so regular and that is what is so strange.

The milestone on which this blog is based—my approaching 60th birthday—is now just a few weeks away. Another change and it will be positive, too.

I live the new pandemic life, my maternal anxiety is switched on for the next half year, and we start another week. But the feeling that has been growing from my deeps is inexplicably positive and I’m okay. It’s a good place. We will do what the human race is legendary for—reinventing ourselves. And it will be better than it was…someday.

So open your windows and let them in.

The Winds of Change.

Talk next week,


Video of the HMCS Winnipeg courtesy of Etienne Maillette

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