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New Roads

It has been about six weeks since I turned 60. Is anything different? In a practical sense, nothing.

I spent the first week or so waking up in the morning and saying to the room, “I am 60.” It took practice and took getting used to. But I finally absorbed it.

The point of this blog, started 18 months ago, was to define on a personal basis what that really meant. Did I accomplish that? Yes, to a certain extent. The reality, however, is that much of that assessment is possible only in retrospect.

The challenge in the present is to decide how I will approach the project of my sixth decade. What new roads to travel?

The only thing I know for sure is that I do need new roads. New roads, new places, new people. Hit the refresh button. Considering how life is changing on a massive scale right now, the idea of new roads is both timely and ironic.

The image with this blog post represents my first new road. It’s the logo for my new company Maggie Wheeler Consulting Inc. I have over 25 years of experience in communications, public relations and marketing. While I no longer work full time in a corporate position as such, I want to be able to help small business owners in this challenging time on a consulting basis.

This new road in one sense is full circle as I started in the field with my own small business offering such a service. But this time, it is an incorporated entity, the umbrella company for all my new endeavors. Lots to learn—but that’s the point.

A post on Facebook this morning talked about the author’s losses and challenges in the pandemic. How she felt it was so important to let go and move on. She is choosing new roads to keep moving forward.

Life is handing us all losses and challenges in this pandemic. We all need new roads. The journey ahead of me is much more than it appeared 18 months ago. And that certainly is not confined to me in my midlife pivot.

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