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GUEST POST: Sharing Our Love

As the pandemic continues, we push back on fear and ramp up on faith. We also pull together to navigate these unprecedented times. This week, I am sharing a guest post from artist, fellow author and dear friend Joan Levy Earle. Despite the recent publishing date, Joan tells me she wrote this several months ago; it is timely now with our social challenges.

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Joan Levy Earle

Mar 26, 2020

Does God still need our help in the world today? Are we called to assist with the everyday problems of others? Of course, God still needs us.

With fewer vocations to the priesthood and religious life, the Holy Spirit is calling many ordinary persons to live their lives in extraordinary ways.

Whether it is arranging a rummage sale for the Catholic Women’s League, teaching a Bible study during Lent, or helping as a lector for daily Masses, there is a need for each of us to make a contribution to the well-being of our parish communities.

The tasks do not have to be extraordinary; offering your neighbour a ride to the doctor or the grocery store is one way to make a difference. Little things mean a lot, especially to widows and single parents.

Each time we see a need and fill it we are serving the Lord. A stranger stopped me coming out of a Saturday evening Mass and said: “It is pretty slippery today. Can I give you a lift?”

This lady thoughtfully made a simple gift of her time and though I live just a few blocks from the church, it was comforting not to have to struggle with the black ice under my boots for the walk home.

The more we follow a daily routine of prayer, through attending daily Mass, praying the rosary or our other prayers, we will discover that we are tuning into the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. That Spirit can be the guiding light to make us aware of the needs of others.

Through regular prayer time, we pause to listen more carefully. Sharing our faith and love for the Lord is so easy, and can be very rewarding.

I do not own a car so I travel by train a lot and have been blessed by meeting some interesting passengers. Often, people are busy with their laptops, but there are occasions when you discover a person just looking out the window, and enjoying the view.

I recently had that experience sitting beside a young woman who had just been released from prison. She was supposed to sit in the aisle seat but I offered her the window as I would be getting off at the next stop.

She seemed very pleased to have the window seat and soon after, during our chat, she said she had been away from the world for awhile. I did not need to know why, or where, but was prepared just to listen.

She was in her mid-thirties and was headed to a half-way house for the next nine months. She chose a different city than where she had been living before, in order to avoid the same group of people who had influenced her prior to her incarceration.

I am happy that we met because sharing her story allowed me to keep her in my daily prayers. I will probably never see her again, but she appeared to be determined to turn her life around. I will pray for her that she is successful in doing that.

There are many people around us in need of our assistance. Within our families and our neighbourhoods, it only takes a small act of kindness to remind others of God’s love for them.

We are so fortunate to know how much He loves us. By spreading that faith-filled joy in our hearts, we help make this world just a little better.

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