• Maggie Wheeler

Gentle Days

This month, I had a banner Labour Day weekend: sunny and warm, a bit of rain, long weekend extra time to be productive with the sweet leftover of chill time. And it’s now fall, my favourite season.

With my holidays coming in October, I have a deadline for fall cleaning activities. The outdoor plants are now inside or gone. The house is clean and decorated for autumn. The front door hosts my fall wreath. And the list gets updated every Sunday morning.

Life ticks on. Tasks are done. Seasonal changes take place. Plans are on the horizon. Friends make time for a glass of wine on a deck or porch, one more time. The evening breeze is glorious to fall asleep by.

These are the gentle days. These are the days we work for, long for when life is temporarily imploding. These are the days easily taken for granted and perhaps even resented for their predictability when they are finally here.

I don’t know how long this will last, but for now I am not fretting, worrying, hurrying or spinning. Somewhere deep inside, I seem to know that it’s not necessary right now. I’m also aware that gratitude and appreciation are in order for these gentle days.

There is a wonderful scene in Phenomenon with John Travolta, the movie where he plays George Malley, a regular guy who becomes a genius after being struck by lightning. One of my personal favourites (an absolute must-see). The scene is (my mid-life memory…and it’s been a few years) when George is very upset and runs out into the forest to be alone. Sitting under the trees, he begins to watch their slow movement in the breeze and starts to physically and mentally connect with their timeless serenity, sharing their synchronization with the planet that holds their roots. The big picture.

We are not all geniuses, but we can connect with serenity when it comes to us in gentle days.

Our lives are demanding on many levels—work, family, financial challenges, dreams. And now we are entering a federal election. Some Category Fives have nothing to do with the weather. The cacophony of life is going to rise to new heights for a while.

But in the new dark and quiet of the early mornings, the crisp evenings, the gathering in of summer, and the coming of Thanksgiving are the gentle days. A time to slow down and savour what all the hard work to date has brought us. To reconnect with the slow, eternal movement of the earth that holds our roots and regain our balance.

This time to pause is our right by season. Let the autumn bring the glorious colours and the gentle days. Savour them, as we also work to savour the autumn of our lives.

Talk next week,


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