• Maggie Wheeler

Breathing Room

The room echoes, even though I walk in bare feet.

#themajorwinterproject has pushed past the “peak of crazy” it hit this last week when I had to pile more rooms into already full rooms to allow the refinishing of the floors of two rooms in my house—one of which was my office.

This morning, good friends (only good friends would do this, of course) stopped by for an hour with extra hands and a dolly to help me put the furniture back into the two rooms. I got my living room back after almost a week. And the bones of the new office have finally taken shape.

So now I walk through the repainted and refinished office, enjoying the echo and marvelling at the space in the room. So much yet to sort through and bring in (or toss) but that will be my summer labour of love.

For now, I’m going to just breathe.

In her wonderful song “The Sound Of”, Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden says, “Oh, the sound of the wind through my heart makes me glad…” She is, of course, referring to the space in your heart one gets in life when one is single. But those words of one of my favourite songs echo in my head as I walk around my new space, along with the sound of my bare feet.

And the sound of the wind through my heart.

It is a sunny Sunday, with flower beds needing work and 400 other late spring items sulking at my inattention. I can hear the industry of my good neighbours as they do what needs to be done. I choose instead to breathe and walk and echo.

It isn’t just new space in my house. It is new space in my life, a “casting off” of much old time, effort and work. Whereas the old office was mostly storage and memories with little space for actual work, the new space is all about the future. Clean slate. Room to breathe and ponder new directions in work and in life.

A space much needed and deserved at the halfway point, before the sixth decade sets in. Space to savour one’s track record, yes, but more to dream about what possibilities may lie ahead.

If we just gave them a little breathing room.

And listen to the sound of the wind through our hearts.

Talk next week,


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